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Waste Water Treatment


Peristaltic pumps have no valves, seals or glands, and the fluid contacts only the bore of the hose or tube

  • simple to install, 
  • easy to use quick to maintain 
  • world`s fastest-growing pump type

Watson-Marlow Bredel is the world`s largest manufacturer of tube and hose pumps. We have a particular interest in water and waste treatment, with a range of products specially geared to the industry`s needs. Get this hot new technology working for you

Leaders in Peristaltic Pumps for Water and Waste Treatment

The Spirax-Sarco Group has its headquarters in Cheltenham, England, and has been quoted on the London Stock Exchange for more than 40 years. Each year the company has reported a strong financial performance and continues to expand its businesses around the world by providing knowledge, service and products to satisfy its customers` needs. 85% of sales are made outside the UK.

The Spirax Sarco Group`s fluid control business comprises two elements: Spirax Sarco and Watson-Marlow Bredel, both of which are the world leaders in their respective niche markets.

Spirax Sarco: For over ninety years, the Spirax Sarco business has been committed to providing steam users with knowledge, service and products to improve and maintain steam heating and process plants of all types. Spirax Sarco is the world leader in the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids.

Watson-Marlow Bredel: Watson-Marlow Bredel has, through selective acquisition, innovative product development and geographical expansion, grown rapidly to lead the world market for peristaltic pumps. This is an expanding segment of the positive displacement pump market. The peristaltic principle enables sensitive, abrasive or corrosive fluids to be pumped safely, accurately and without contamination anywhere from biotechnology to ceramics and food processing to waste treatment.

Where we operate

Watson-Marlow Bredel has offices in 13 countries - see ``Contact Us``, left - and distributors in many more. Our superb peristaltic pumps and pump tubing have made us the world`s leading supplier in terms of quality and sales. We supply industries from bio-technology to sludge pumping, and have a range of specialised products for the water and waste-water industry,  backed by extensive experience and knowledge of the industry`s needs.

Water Industry Services

Potable water: The efficient operation of plant is essential in the supply of quality potable water within consent levels. Dosing or metering applications, typically with lime or polyelectrolyte, often place arduous demands on pumps. These chemicals can cause abrasive wear and pump clogging, leading to poor performance and premature failure of traditional positive displacement pumps.

Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps are a proven solution and exceed performance expectations by:

  • Self-priming and dry-running
  • Extensive control options
  • Superior accuracy
  • Outstanding reliability and low operating cost 
  • Dosing and metering ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, carbon, lime and kalic
  • Sampling cryptosporidium, raw water and final potable water
  • Transfer of settled sludge 
  • Sewage and waste treatment

All treatment works must meet increasingly stringent levels of discharge consent, while reducing operating costs. Critical processes such as primary sludge transfer and digester feed must be carried out reliably.

Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps are able to meet these demanding performance levels by:

  • Consistent and predictable performance
  • Lowest whole life cost
  • Simple pump installation
  • Increased pump life and greater reliability 
  • Transfer of primary, secondary, humus, returned and activated sludges
  • Digester, filter press and centrifuge feed
  • Sampling, metering and dosing of additives


Metering Pump


Tube Pumps and Hose Pumps: The World`s Fastest Growing Pump Types

Bulk Tubing: From the world`s largest manufacturer of tube and hose pumps Superb knowledge, service and products is what sold over one million tube pumps (pressures up to 30 psi, flow rates up to 35 gpm) and reinforced hose pumps (230 psi and 350 gpm)

Solving millions of pumping problems in every industry - chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, ceramics, water and waste treatment, food and beverage, print and packaging - if you handle fluids - sensitive or abrasive, sterile or aggressive - get this hot new technology working for you

Pumps that solve problems
Most industries have difficult pumping applications where care in handling the process or waste fluid is required. The peristaltic pump is the pump of first choice wherever the fluid is:

  • Abrasive, corrosive or aggressive 
  • Valuable or pure 
  • Shear-sensitive and must not be degraded

Watson-Marlow Bredel`s range of pumps meets the demands of processes across all industries from the heaviest of manufacturing duties to the most precise research task. Over one million pumps sold testify to the time and money-saving abilities of Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps.
Direct-coupled design, 30% smaller footprint
Improved choice of flanges, threaded inserts or sanitary connectors
Inner hose diameter 5/8` (15mm)
Minimum starting torque 500 in lbs (60 Nm)
Capacity per revolution 0.022 gal (0.083 liter) Maximum discharge pressure 110 psi (7.5 bar)
Maximum continuous flow rate 1.7 gpm (375 liter/hour)
Maximum intermittent flow rate 2.3 gpm (525 liter/hour)
Two-year warranty
New Direct-coupled design, with a unique leak zone to protect your drive. Rotor fully supported on its own two bearings which means no coupling, no alignment and no heavy-duty baseplate - 30% smaller footprint, all fasteners stainless steel - resulting in less installation time, less maintenance and lower costs.
Low noise level, 100% positive flow (no slip), Metering pump accuracy: +/- 1%

Waste Water and Sewage Treatment

The simple, glandless, `straight through` construction without valves, vanes or impellers, has clear advantages in handling viscous sludges liable to contain rag type or other solids which cause blockages, while the ability to impart minimal shear, combined with the high levels of volumetric accuracy when handling additives such as polyelectrolyte, is important in terms of both efficient flocculation and additive consumption.

In the first stage, SP50 pumps run for approximately five minutes each hour and draw off sludge from the primary tank containing between 2% and 5% solids, and discharge to the top of a holding tank. Water is removed separately and goes for further treatment. An SPX50 pump running for twenty minutes in every hour, transfers the primary sludge from the holding tank to picket fence thickeners where it is constantly stirred. The sludge, by this time containing 8%, solids, is pumped from the thickening tank to a heated digester tank by an SPX80 pump, the slow speed avoiding thermal shock as cold matter meets warm

Reduced operating costs can be achieved by the installation of Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps in the feeding of primary or thickened sludge to digesters or filter presses, and in primary tank auto-desludging. To complete primary auto-desludging, following digester treatment, the sludge goes to secondary storage tanks, where polyelectrolytes are dosed by low-pressure peristaltic pumps prior to dewatering.

Metering and Transferring

  • Polymers 
  • Ferric Chloride 
  • Sodium Hypochlorite 
  • Sodium Bisulfite 
  • Lime Slurry 
  • Hydrofluorosilisic Acid 
  • Carbon Slurry 
  • Potassium Permanganate 
  • Aqueous Ammonia 
  • Alum


  • Sludge Feed To Belt Filter Presses & Centrifuges 
  • Sampling 
  • Scum 
  • Thickened Sludge 
  • Digested Sludge 
  • Waste & Return Activated Sludge (WAS & RAS) 
  • Alum Sludge 
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)


Dosing and Dispensing Pump


Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps

  • Accurate and repeatable flow rates 
  • Contamination free pumping - ideal for shear-sensitive fluids, viscous sludges or slurries, and aggressive acids and caustics 
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain 
  • Virtually maintenance free - no expensive seals, valves, diaphragms or rotors to leak, clog or corrode

Low flow single channel pumps

  • Flow rates from 1µl/min to 53ml/min
  • Rapid and simple tube loading
  • Manual, auto and digital TTL control

Near pulseless, multi-channel cassette pumps with up to 32 channels

  • Flow rates from 0.6µl/min to 22ml/min per channel
  • Precise flow control for each individual chanel
  • Manual, auto and digital TTL control

Single or multi-channel benchtop pumps with manual, remote, analogue, RS232 control and accurate dispensing

  • Flow

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