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   Watersurplus is a full service solution provider for all of your water treatment equipment needs. Our large inventory of new, remanufactured and rental reverse osmosis systems and components are available and ready to ship. This is what makes Watersurplus your unique solution provider. We are proud to be your trusted supply chain solution and rental equipment resource. New Products, Rental Fleet, Surplus Assets, Investment Recovery

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Controls & Instrumentation - TOC Analyzers

The A-2000 Wide-Range TOC Analysis System is designed to provide water processing facilities with optimum flexibility, performance and reliability for monitoring critical operations.

Filtration Systems - Cartridge Filter Housing

Gelman Sciences, 21 round 30 cartridge filter housing with 4 inch, flanged inlet and outlet. Nation Board Certification specs are: max awp 150 psi @ 250 degrees Fahrenheit, minimum dmt 150 psi @ 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Th

Pumping And Piping Equipment - Centrifugal Pump

Ampco Pump 4 x 2 x 6 centrifugal pump rated at 400 gpm at 30 psi, with a 20 horsepower, 3500 rpm, 3 phase, 60 hertz Baldor motor. Pump connections are tri clamp, sanitary fittings. Pump casing is a 316 stainless steel co

Reverse Osmosis Process Equipment - Brackish RO Units

There are 5, 3 membrane, 8 inch stainless steel housings in a 2:1:1 array.Pump is a TonkaFlo SS8512 with a 20 hp Marathon motor with a cartridge style prefilter.Controller is a LakewoodInstruments 2450 controller with di

Reverse Osmosis Process Equipment - Brackish RO Units: 220 Gpm

Reverse Osmosis Process Equipment - Brackish RO Units: Vantage M84D DLX

VantageSeries packaged single-pass 8-inch reverse osmosis unit is designed for a variety of industrial applications requiring high quality equipment. With simple utility connections and easy to set up controls, the unit

Treatment Systems - Mixed Bed Resin

Treatment Systems - Mixed Bed Resin: NRW-37SC

Purolite NRW37SC is a one to one chemical equivalent mixture of PFC-100 H SC Strong Acid Cation and PFA-400 OH SC Strong Base Anion resins for use in ultra-pure water applications.

Treatment Systems - Plate Clarifier

ACS lamella style inclined plate clarifier rated at approximately 85 GPM. 40 plates are 24 x 57 inches made of polypropelyne. Piping is 4 inch. Floc tank is 35 x 35 x 27 inches. This unit was used 2 years prior to remova

Treatment Systems - Reverse Osmosis Systems BW30-365


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