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Purolite® Corporation is a privately owned company, established in 1981. Since that time, Purolite has grown to become a leading supplier of specialty resins for the ion exchange, catalyst, absorbents and specialty applications markets worldwide.

Purolite has a global manufacturing capability with factories in Philadelphia USA, Victoria Romania, and Hangzhou coupled with an established network of sales offices, distributors and agents located close to our customers. Purolite continues to develop its manufacturing capacity, product quality and innovation through investment in new equipment and improved research facilities.

Purolite has the largest commitment to R and D of any resin producer globally with five R and D facilities in China, Romania, Russia, UK, and USA. We strive to develop products that will give our customers a competitive edge. Our ability to quickly custom configure a solution that fits each client`s requirements is what sets Purolite apart from the competition.

Our research and development is aimed at perfecting our existing products, discovering new products for existing applications and finding new applications for our core technologies. Collaboration with our customers on specific needs is key to our success. Purolite is committed to developing products that have the minimum possible environmental impact and is a prime manufacturer and distributor of products.

With our market leading manufacturing capacity, broad product range and record of innovative research, Purolite has a unique commitment to the specialty resins market place.

Purolite® Research and Development

Almost every facet of human progress in some way depends on the benefits of ion exchange technology, because no significant activity or development can take place without solving the problem of, for example, water purity.

For over 20 years, Purolite research, and the ion exchange resins that resulted, have helped in the evolution of essential industries, and, more importantly, in improving the quality of life in developing nations of the world.

Since all we produce are ion exchange resins, all our re-investment is within ion exchange resin research and production. In addition to perfecting our existing products, we aim to discover new products for new applications. Much of our research is specific, aimed at developing technology and products that are tailored to a customer's particular needs.

Purolite has been a pioneer in developing products that have the minimum possible environmental impact.

Purolite has the largest commitment to R&D of any ion exchange resin producer globally, and we strive to develop products that will give our customers a competitive edge.

We have partnership arrangements with respected academic institutions and individuals in many countries, and our customers in many different industry segments assist us in evaluating our new products.

Recent Innovations Include:

  • The development of resins for Uranium extraction, allowing a greater efficiency of selective Uranium uptake, revolutionizing the expectations of Uranium mining companies at a time when, with the increased interest in the Nuclear Power alternative to the fossil fuel route to electricity generation, demand is outstripping supply.
  • New treatments for the specific removal of Arsenic, Perchlorate, Nitrate and Fluoride from potable water.
  • Novel adsorbents applications continue to grow, with the removal of pesticides from potable water, and the removal of various organic solvents species from aqueous systems with our  Hypersol Macronet technology and the purification of biodiesel with Purolite PD206
  • Extensive trials at a warm water power station in New Zealand have demonstrated that the innovative product A555, a Type III anion exchange resin, can produce improved all-round performance improvements when compared with conventional resins. Evaluation of A555 has shown this product to exceed the life of conventional anion resins by more than 3 years in the environmental conditions to which it was subject.
  • Innovative Shallow Shell Technology (SST) is providing regenerant savings and improved performance in several `difficult` ion exchange applications

But perhaps the most important application is one that we haven't yet developed!

Purolite® Quality and Production

 As important as quality is, manufacturing consistency is an even a greater challenge. Throughout all Purolite plants, production control is carefully monitored to ensure that our products meet the same high level of quality, regardless of where they are manufactured.

Purolite® has some of the newest, most modern resin manufacturing facilities in the world. In fact, our oldest plant is younger than many of the competition's facilities, and we've continued to build new plants at a rate that is unprecedented in the industry.

Of course, Purolite has received ISO 9001:2000 certification, and our QC procedures and criteria are widely recognized as being among the most stringent in the business.

In addition, we have FDA Approval at our Romanian manufacturing site for the production of pharmaceutical grade resins.

The Industries We Serve

Our functionalized resins are used in scores of industries and processes, including:

  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Microchips (where our low TOC resins meet the demand for Ultra Pure water for manufacturing semiconductors)
  • Potable water
  • Chemical, petrochemical and refining industries
  • Biotechnology
  • Catalysis
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Metals and mineral processing
  • Metals finishing
  • Electroplating
  • Nuclear power generation
  • Chromatographic separation
  • Adsorbent chemistries

The Products We Offer

  • Purolite® - Ion exchange resins, adsorbents and catalysts
  • Purofine® - Uniform bead size resins
  • Microlite® - high performance powdered resins
  • Tanexâ„¢ - Colloidal particle and organic removal
  • Macronet® - Regenerable macroporous adsorbent resins
  • PureDesignâ„¢ - Computer modeling and design of ion exchange processes

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ArsenX, Arsenic Removal Resin

ArsenXis a nano-particle based selective resin designed to remove arsenic (arsenate and arsenite) from water. ArsenXcombines a unique chemistry based on hydrous iron oxide nanoparticles that have a very high affinity for

Purolite A-530E Bifunctionalized Resin

Purolite continues to lead the industry in offering a complete line of Puroliteion exchange resins for perchlorate removal.Our Purolite A-530E bifunctionalized resin, developed and trademarked by Oak Ridge National Labor

Purolite SBA Resins

Nitrate removal by Puroliteion exchange is accomplished with Purolite SBA resins, which are brine regenerated. Purolite SBA resins exchange the nitrate ion for the chloride ion.These Purolite resins can be used in separa


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