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Retrofit with Confidence: X-PELLERâ„¢

The X-PELLERâ„¢ was specifically designed for high volumes of trash pumping applications and low flow conditions in 4` vacuum primed and 4` flooded suction Smith and Loveless pumps.

In numerous field tests, it was successfully proven that the X-PELLERâ„¢ effectively expels high volumes of stringy materials, rags and other unusual trashy items due to its mono-port design. In these highly problematic installations, after the X-PELLERâ„¢ was installed, clogging problems were virtually eliminated. Some of these wastewater pumping applications include prisons, fairgrounds, college residence halls, and auto repair shops. The X-PELLERâ„¢ has been retrofitted and is successful in solving clogging problems caused by variable frequency drives and low flow issues.

As you know, the standard Smith and Loveless impeller rarely clogs; however, if you are faced with a high volume of trash pumping application, it is nice to know there is now the X-PELLERâ„¢ by Smith and Loveless.

S&L Flooded-Suction Non-Clog Pumps

Innovative Designs, Quality Pumps

Smith and Loveless Inc. has been an innovative leader in the pumping industry for more than 50 years. The innovative impeller, volute, shaft and mechanical seal design of the Smith & Loveless flooded-suction non-clog pump insures an operating life well beyond the industry standard.

Design Advantages

Dual Curve Volute

The uneven distribution of water pressure in a volute increases the radial thrust on the pump shaft, decreasing the efficiency and the life of the pump seal and bearings. Smith & Loveless was the first manufacturer to apply a double volute to wastewater pumps. Double volute pumps reduce radial thrust by balancing the pressure exerted on the impeller. Smith & Loveless is the only manufacturer to offer the dual curve volute. As with the double, the dual curve volute reduces radial thrust by balancing water pressure on the impeller. Unlike the double, the dual curve volute can be applied to any size pump.

Impeller Design

Smith and Loveless pumps are equipped with heavy cast iron, balanced impellers. Impellers are custom trimmed for each application. Only vains are trimmed; shrouds are left full diameter to prevent solids and stringy matter from accumulating around the shaft. The tight clearance between the impeller and front head minimizes recirculation, improving efficiency. The shaft and impeller bores are tapered for easy removal.

Mechanical Seal

A quality mechanical seal is the key to extending the life of a pump - and the return on your investment. Smith and Loveless pumps are equipped with a bronze mechanical seal, which allows heat dissipation. Because bronze is a non-ferrous material, it prevents abrasive iron oxide from forming in the seal assembly. It also prevents seal pieces from rusting together and impeding maintenance. Smith & Loveless pumps are designed so that the mechanical seal can be accessed and replaced in less than 30 minutes. All seals will eventually wear down, but proper maintenance extends seal life up to 7 years on average. Submersible pumps require a second seal for the motor-pump shaft. The Smith and Loveless motor-pump shaft does not require a seal, reducing cost and maintenance.

Easy Maintenance

Full access to the volute and suction elbow is possible by merely removing the capscrews and raising the entire rotating assembly. This design eliminates the necessity for cleanout ports in the volute and suction elbow. Hand cleanouts are normally not large enough to remove most objects that would clog a pump and in addition can cause raw sewage spillage or station flooding.

Above-Grade Pump Stations: Classic Wet Well Mounted Pump Station

Designed for the Operator

Cities, counties, and most municipalities require the service of pump stations to transfer wastewater to treatment plants. Manufacturers offer a wide range of choices for pump stations. The choice often becomes one of dependability or affordability. Smith and Loveless` Wet Well Mounted Pump Station eliminates the need to choose because it satisfies both concerns.


1. Highest efficiency. Heavy duty for long life and reliability.

Mechanical Seal
2. Exclusive Smith & Loveless seal has one of the longest life spans on the market.

Motor and Pump Shaft
3. Oversized solid stainless steel shaft with oversized shielded bearings.

Pump Impeller
4. Trimmed individually to exact design capacity with full-diameter shrouds to prevent seal wear and shaft binding. The pump impeller is keyed to tapered shaft for easy removal.

Control Panel
5. Dead-front design increases operator safety and simplifies service.

Check Valves
6. Spring-loaded, non-slamming check valves with external-arm design.

Heavy Baseplate
7. Separates pumps and motors from the wet well.

Thick Fiberglass Hood
8. Provides protection and complete access for service and maintenance.

Ventilation Heating
9. High capacity, low noise level blower, a thermostatically controlled electric heater with optional insulated hood.

Level Sensing Probe
10. Enclosed within transparent dome for visual inspection of priming.

Discharge Pipe
11. Compression type coupling provides for ease of installation and flexibility.

Plug Valve
12. Easy 1/4 turn operation and positive seal for individual pump isolation.

Suction Line
13. There is nothing else in the wet well except the float switches.

The Benefits

Designed for the Operator

By housing all pumps, motors and controls above the baseplate and under a fiberglass hood, inspection and maintenance are as easy as checking the oil in your car.


Quality non-clog pumps provide proven low maintenance and minimum parts.

Quality Control

Factory built and tested prior to job site delivery minimizes field labor and assembly problems.

Lower Installed Costs

You only need to set the station on the wet well; hook up the power, suction and discharge piping; backfill; and start the station. It's that easy.

Cost Efficient

High operating efficiencies result in lower maintenance and power costs.

Above the Baseplate Design

All mechanical equipment is located above the baseplate, allowing for easy inspection, maintenance and repair unlike competing submersible systems.


Water Filtration Systems


IRONMANâ„¢ : Filtration Systems

High levels of iron and manganese can create problems. That's why Smith & Loveless designed the IRONMAN System to effectively precipitate and remove high levels of iron and manganese from well water sources by combining the FIBROTEX® with an integrated oxidation system.

Not only does the IRONMAN System filter iron and manganese, it is also ideal for treating Ground Water under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI), because the FIBROTEX also filters for cryptosporidium and other microbial pathogens. The FIBROTEX has been tested and certified to ANSI/NSF International Standard 61. This powerful combination of filtration for iron, manganese, and microbial pathogens - in one system - makes Smith and Loveless' IRONMAN system particularly useful for small towns that rely on well water sources.

During the filtration mode, the oxidized incoming iron and manganese are captured by the FIBROTEX filter media. The filter media are comprised of synthetic fibers that are compressed and twisted into a matrix during the filtration mode. The fibers capture iron and manganese particles in the feedstream through a high-density path.

Once the resilient filter element is loaded with solids, the system then automatically untwists and stretches. The filter is automatically cleaned by an outward-flowing stream of backwash water.

The iron and manganese particles loosen and detach during the backwash mode. The backwash removes the iron and manganese as both are released into the backwash process. Once the automatic backwash is complete, the resilient filter can then successfully capture oxidized precipitates again.

Smith and Loveless is a market leader in providing municipalities with cost-effective small flow water treatment systems.


The IMF PROTECTORâ„¢ System by Smith and Loveless provides a cost-effective ultrafiltration solution that easily meets and exceeds the Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (IESWTR) regulations.

The use of the IMF PROTECTORâ„¢ ultrafiltration system in municipal applications provides a unit operation that filters cryptosporidium and other microbial pathogens specified in the criteria of the IESWTR and GWUDI.

The sy

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