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   Simply stated, our mission is to be a proactive partner with our customers and the industries we serve to meet the challenges imposed by a global economy and increasingly stringent governmental controls regarding safety and waste reduction. To this end, we will continue to develop and manufacture state-of the-art filtration, liquid handling and waste treatment equipment to help achieve the product integrity, quality and cost savings to be competitive in the market place.

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Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

- Wide selection of materials- 316 stainless steel, Polypropylene, Aluminum, PVDF and Conductive nylon- ¼` - 2` sizes flows to 150 U.S. GPM (568 l/m)- Patented lube-free air system- Will not stall at slow speeds- Self

Bag Filter Chambers: Series 630 And 640

The Series 630 and 640 Bag Filter Chambers are designed for filtering various process solutions where clarification will extend operating life and improve quality. These chambers have been redesigned to make them easier

Carbon Purification Chambers

Connect to your existing filtration system for continuous carbon treatment. Recommended installation provides side-stream flow through carbon for best control of results. One or two months of operation is not unusual bef

Carbon Purification Systems

Granular Carbon Purification Systems provide a simple, economical and efficient method of removing organic impurities from electroplating or other chemical solutions. Seal-less, leak-proof pumps are rugged enough for con

Coalescing Filtration Systems

SERFILCO Coalescing Systems are compact, economical, and simple to operate. Remove oils from rinse waters, cleaning solutions, plating solutions or waste effluents. Separate water or tramp oil from hydraulic fluids and m

Drum Pumps - DP Series

- Pump available in polypropylene` PPP high temperature polypro` CPVC` pure PVDF or 316stainless steel- Lengths of 27`` 39`` 47`` 60`` and 72``- Seal-less` one-piece outer tube with screw-on- Easy on-site service- Heavy-

Filtration Systems

This system is totally automatic and responds to wide variations in flow rate and solids concentration. Pump the contaminated solution to the diffuser tray which distributes flow across the full width of the filter bed.

Ion Exchange Resin Chambers

The resin chambers can recover gold and other metals from plating operations easily and economically. Select the proper resin for gold recovery from acid or cyanide rinse water. Depth of resin column assures good solutio

Labmaster Filtration Systems

Labmaster Filtration Systems are compact, corrosion resistant and extremely simple to operate. Choice of construction materials allows use with most liquids, including harsh chemicals at elevated temperatures. Constructe

Molded Plastic Filter Chambers

These sturdy and quality built two-piece filter housings are designed to meet the need for reliable` long lasting and convenient use. They provide extended service life and dependable performance. Pipeline mounted cap` a


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