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Control Systems Integration Provides Performance and Value

Revere Control Systems

As an independent systems integrator, we design and build control systems for a variety of automation and information applications. We put extra value into every system we produce, in the form of real-world simulation testing, comprehensive documentation, and responsive field support services.

Because we are an independent integrator, we are not tied to any specific vendor, allowing us to select from a variety of quality products to produce a solution that offers the best price-performance combination for your particular application, providing excellent value. Whether your system uses PLC, PC, DCS, or relay-based platforms, we have the experience and the expertise to provide a custom-fit solution for your needs.

Outsource Your Critical Control Systems Maintenance Functions to the Right People with the Right Know-How

You`ve got great personnel manning your water or wastewater treatment plant. They know pumps and motors, valves and filters, and the variety of other systems you use. But how well do they know the highly technical electronics of your control systems? These critical systems involve the rapidly evolving fields of automation, communication, and information systems, maybe even video surveillance or wireless Web access. Will they be able to keep up their skills as control systems further evolve into peer-to-peer control networks and complex adaptive systems?

In these days of tight maintenance budgets, you simply can`t afford to train your people to be fluent in every complex technology used in your plant. That`s where we can help you.

We specialize in control systems for water and wastewater applications and its part of our business to keep our personnel up to speed on all the associated technologies. We can put that expertise to work for you with a variety of maintenance plans that allow complete flexibility to meet your plant`s needs and budget. Depending on your needs, we can contract to provide spare parts management, repair or replacement of defective equipment, upgrades to hardware and software, and regular audits to assure your system is performing at its best, and that you can keep it that way.

How prepared are you to deal with a major outage of any part of your water treatment plant? Do you know what spare parts you have and where they are? Are they sufficient? Do you have backups of critical software? Do you have adequate in-house service abilities to handle emergency situations? Do you have what it takes to recover from a lightning strike?

If your answers to these questions leave you feeling like your water or wastewater treatment plant`s operations might not be able to be sustained, or might have to operate for an extended period in a manual mode, in the event of the loss of a critical component or piece of software, we can help. We are now offering service contracts that address a number of key functions related to keeping your plant up and operating, or at least minimizing down time.


Most of the systems we produce are custom designed for specific customer requirements. However, we do offer a selection of products that will fill some generalized system needs. These are described in brief below, with links provided to more complete descriptions within other sections of our site.
We offer three lines of pump controls products. Municipal products include pump controls, filter control consoles, and SCADA products. Our pump control products also can be used in industrial pumping applications. Power products include the CHPgenâ„¢ Series of engine generator systems.

Municipal Control Systems: Water and Wastewater

Since 1980, our Municipal Group has specialized in providing quality control systems for water treatment and water distribution applications and wastewater collection and wastewater treatment applications. Whatever size or type of plant you have, control systems are at the heart of your operation. Pumps, filters, clarifiers, tank levels, aerators, dewatering, chemical feed systems, and other equipment are monitored and controlled through a network of PLCs and operator terminals. Radio telemetry and SCADA systems help you monitor and control your system of lift stations, too.

Our control systems have value-added content in the form of comprehensive documentation that helps you with long-term maintenance, extensive simulation testing to assure the system will perform as intended and to minimize startup time and effort, and operator training either at the factory or at your facility. We are also a Registered Member of the Control and Information System Integrators Association (CSIA), which verifies that we meet stringent best practices standards for the automation and control systems industry.


Products: Water and Wastewater Treatment


VSI Pump Controller

The VSI Series pump controller combines the operator interface, system logic, and field interface into a flexible product for water and wastewater applications. It is easily configured for individual applications using a touch sensitive screen.
Standard Features

  • User-friendly touch screen display; simple to operate; easy to read and adjust
  • Preconfigured for 2 to 6 pumps
  • Automatic pump control from a proportional level input signal
  • Alarm display for 3 alarm states
  • Password protection for access to pump setup parameters
  • Configurable pump start/stop levels, speeds, and alternation modes
  • Manual level test simulator for safe testing of pump operation without the risk of leaving the level in manual mode

DP1 Duplex Pump Controller


  • Horsepower up to: 40 HP, 480 Volt; 20 HP, 240 Volt; 15 HP, 208 Volt
  • 24x20x8 inch enclosure meets NEMA 12 & 4
  • Circuit breakers with door disconnect handles
  • Interrupting capacity of 22,000 amps
  • 24 Volt control and float potential
  • Starters with adjustable overload protection
  • Transformer 24 Volt with primary & secondary fusing
  • Power switching relay
  • Relays for each float switch
  • U.L. Listed per Bulletin 508
  • Schematic and layout drawings

3D Graphics

We are leading the way on the incorporation of 3D graphics into HMI software programs for water and wastewater applications. Using state-of-the-art software, our engineers can give your operators screen images that faithfully replicate their actual equipment. Using familiar images makes the interaction more user friendly. Operators can observe animated levels change and equipment rotate, imitating actual operation and providing operators with a higher level of understanding and recognition of actual equipment performance and response.

Digital photographs of in-place equipment are converted into recognizable 3D images of your water tanks, pumps, valves, process equipment, piping, and other equipment included in your control system. This process allows us to create 3D images of all types of equipment within a plant, and even an overview of the plant itself. And these graphics can be incorporated into any of the major HMI software packages, including RSView, WonderWare, Intellution, and Citect.

The Model 310 console is a proven control system providing all continuous and discrete controls necessary for a typical surface or bulk filter in a water treatment plant. At its heart, the console uses an Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Series Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with associated programming and input/output modules, plus a touch-activated display panel. Though designed for stand-alone operation, the Model 310 can be integrated into a plant-wide SCADA network, either upon initial installation or on a retrofit basis. Major features include the following:

  • User-friendly, touch-screen panel for high operator efficiency
  • PLC based for long-term cost effectiveness
  • Nonproprietary code, documented to allow user changes
  • Independent operation or functions as part of plant-wide control system
  • Readily customized for your particular application needs
  • Factory assembled, programmed, tested, and warranted

Using a Programmable Logic Controller as the heart of the system eliminates the need for many of the discrete elements of a conventional system; items such as timers, relays, PID controllers, etc. The Programmable Logic Controller is ideal for filter sequencing. And the Programmable Logic Controller is particularly cost effective as part of a plant-wide system integration. The touch-screen panel makes the Model 310 especially easy to use with minimal training. Documented configuration programs provided by Revere can readily be adapted by users and consulting engineers to suit unique needs for a given situation. Working from this display, an operator is able to do many functions, including the following:

At a glance, read the main operating indicators--flow rate, head loss, turbidity, time since ba

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3D Graphics For Water-Wastewater SCADA

Multiple digital photos are taken of each piece of equipment, and the photos are then rendered into 3D images that can be used with HMI programs to achieve a realistic- looking result. It can incorporate 3D graphics into

After Market Services

Control And IT Study Consulting

We offer our clients a service called ``Talking Together.`` We send a team of industry- specific engineers and programmers to evaluate your situation. They will meet with your management, operations, and other key person

Model 310 Filter Control Console

The Model 310 Filter Control Console provides all continuous and discrete controls necessary for a typical surface or bulk filter in a water purification plant. The console is based on an economical but powerful Allen-Br

Radio Path Testing And Analysis

In support of its wireless SCADA offerings, Revere Control Systems has begun offering radio path testing and analysis services. Using a mobile tower and computer analysis software, proposed locations for base and remote

Scalable SCADA System

Scalable SCADA allows you to start with a SCADA system that matches your size and budget requirements, then grow as your need for units, I/O, and system intelligence increases. And the expansion is done in a cost-effecti

VSI Series Pump Controller

The VSI Series pump controller is the answer to controlling your more complex pump configurations. Whether your application involves wastewater treatment or water distribution, the VSI Series offers an excellent blend of


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