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Pacific Ozone Technology, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of OEM air-cooled, corona discharge ozone generators and integrated ozone/ oxygen systems and process controls. We are committed to being the best by offering superior products, as well as ozone engineering support and development services that meet your specific requirements. Our solitary focus on ozone integration benefits our customers by effectively and profitably helping them bring their ozone related products to market. In an industry of accelerated growth and new technology, Pacific Ozone Technology is recognized as the standard reference for quality. We've developed clean, effective ozone solutions for our OEM customers since 1987, and our knowledge of systems, applications, and breakthrough technology is unsurpassed.

Because each ozone generator application presents unique requirements and challenges, our commitment to providing smart solutions to the end user is our primary concern. A highly efficient ceramic and titanium reactor cell that features Pacific Ozone's patented Floating Plate Technology (FPT) powers our ozone production hardware. Available only from us, FPT offers tremendous performance benefits to any ozone application. Air-cooled ozone generators offer distinct advantages as well; ease of installation, reliability, durability and simple system integration. Our complete line of ozone monitors, controls, and accessory items will ensure that your system delivers precise ozone treatment. Offering every possible advantage for your ozone application is what makes Pacific Ozone Technology the only name in ozone that matters.

It's no accident that Pacific Ozone Technology is the worldwide leader in ozone systems and integration. We've spent fifteen years engineering reliable and efficient ozone solutions for virtually every application you can name. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer, system integrator, ozone engineering service or other related ozone technology provider, our development services are unsurpassed, meeting the needs of a wide variety of global industries. We believe that building relationships with our customers is as important as building superior hardware. Development and service support are tailored per customer, and can include training and technical assistance for your ozone product, even following the sale. Tell us your requirements-we're certain we can assist you.

We've recently relocated to our new Manufacturing Facility in Benicia, California. Located on the beautiful Carquinez Straight, our new building was specifically designed to meet our needs for research, development, manufacturing, testing, service and growth. If you find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area, please schedule a visit. We'd be pleased to show you our operation and discuss your ozone needs in person.

Today, we are more conscious of our health and the health of our environment. This is why ozone has become a superior alternative to conventional chemical treatment in our air and water. Ozone, a natural occurrence through lightning, gives us the clean smell in the air after an electrical storm. Ozone is also generated in the upper atmosphere by UV radiation, which protects us from harmful, excessive solar rays. Our fragile environment is being harmed by the use of chemicals to solve immediate problems, with no thought to the future. Pacific Ozone Technology promotes the use of ozone to combat this burden placed on our natural resources. There is wisdom in nature: Pacific Ozone Technology produces ozone as lightning does; by splitting the O2 molecule through a high voltage discharge at 6000 times per second, in a totally controlled environment.

Ozone technology benefits a variety of markets:

  •  Bottled Water & Beverage
  •  Water Features & Water Treatment
  •  Agriculture & Food Processing
  •  Aquaculture, Aquarium & Life Support Systems
  •  Laboratory & Research
  •  Municipal, Community & Rural Drinking Water Treatment
  •  Industrial & Product Water Treatment
  •  Air Treatment & Atmospheric Bacteria Control
  •  Original Equipment Manufacturing & Private Label
  •  Cooling Towers


Floating Plate Technology


Patented Technology

We invented it, and nobody else can offer it. Ultra energy efficient Floating Plate Technologyâ„¢ (FPT) is unquestionably the most cost-effective and durable ozone production technology available today. With FPT, we manufacture a complete line of ozone generators and products that create optimal output and allow greater flexibility of use. Floating Plate Technologyâ„¢ permits ozone applications and products previously unrealistic due to cost, weight, or location to be approached with confidence and ease. Ask our technicians how it works- you'll be impressed with the output and specifications of our progressively engineered machines. State-of-the-art ozone applications have never been more effective, efficient or affordable.

Ozone Solutions and OEM Products

Pacific Ozone Technology is the premiere supplier of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ozone generators, integrated ozone/oxygen systems and other ozone related products. Our complete line of reliable, cost-effective ozone products is designed and manufactured to interface with applications and products within a wide range of markets.

Further, Pacific Ozone Technology is committed to being the industry's best OEM supplier by offering ozone engineering support and development services. Our focus on ozone integration assists you in bringing your ozone related product to market more effectively and profitably.

Titanic/Ceramic Construction

Floating Plate Technologyâ„¢ ensures that our corona discharge ozone generators will produce high concentration ozone for the duration of a long, service-free life. No scheduled maintenance is required on our titanium reactor cells, allowing you to approach OEM ozone solutions with ease and confidence.

Ozone resistant components like titanium electrodes and ceramic dielectric, 316 stainless steel fittings, and Teflon tube ensure reliability and maintenance-free performance. Our ozone generators are air-cooled, with large aluminum heat sinks for maximum heat dispersion. This translates to higher ozone output through optimum cooling.

Engineered Electronics

We develop proprietary electronics to maximize ozone output efficiency and control from our ozone products. FPTâ„¢ ozone reactor cells are powered by advanced, high frequency; pulse modulated variable control power supplies. Responsive and accurate ozone output control is maintained with instantaneous amplitude modulation. Engineered Electronics from Pacific Ozone Technology give our customers a competitive edge with efficiency, reliability, and the flexibility of custom solutions to OEM or product development challenges. Leveraging the benefits of Floating Plate Technologyâ„¢ and its Ultra-Narrow Gap, custom engineered power supplies and control circuits further enhance our thoughtfully integrated ozone products.

Impervious to Stress

Floating Plate Technologyâ„¢ defeats heat, stress, pressure and vacuum found in all ozone applications. Because every ozone application is unique, Pacific Ozone Technology holds the keys to the successful development of your ozone solution with patented Floating Plate Technologyâ„¢, experience and know-how.

Ultra Narrow Gap

The energy efficient Ultra-Narrow Gap inside our FPTâ„¢ reactor cell is energized by a proprietary solid state power supply, offering proportional control of ozone output. Ultra-Narrow Gap means energy efficient and responsive ozone generation. Pacific Ozone Technology has combined Ultra-Narrow Gap (found in all patented FPTâ„¢ ozone reactor cells) with engineered, high frequency; pulse modulated power supplies and instantaneous amplitude modulated variable control. The stability of our Ultra-Narrow Gap reactor cells and Engineered Electronics provide accurate control of ozone concentration with advanced process controls.

Testing and Certification

Each Pacific Ozone generator has a factory-installed performance decal that verifies the ozone output and operating conditions during testing. Testing is performed in our new, state-of-the-art facility -a standard environment that simulates a typical ozone installation. Therefore, testing data for each machine is realistic and reflects actual performance.

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Support Service


 "Response Now" Service

Pacific Ozone Technology customers have access to a full range of support services, from custom product support documentation and resources for your OEM product, to field technical resources available for start up assistance, to technical support training. Armed with 15 years of OEM ozone applications development experience, the service team at Pacific Ozone Technology can help you choose and implement the support resources you'll need to reduce missteps and misfires common in many new ozone product launches.

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