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Ecosorb® is a breath of fresh air for your employees, your neighbors and your community.

Ecosorb® Natural Organic Odor Neutralizer is a broad-spectrum odor neutralizer. It controls the full spectrum of odors (eliminating the need for multiple odor control products), and breaks them down for complete odor removal, leaving no peripheral odors or odorous byproducts.

Data from independent laboratories and researchers proves that Ecosorb is:

  • Effective for both organic and inorganic odors
  • Safe for humans
  • Safe for animals
  • Safe for the environment

Difference between Odor Neutralizers and Simple Masking Agents

If you've ever entered a public restroom and smelled the overpowering scent of cherry, you've been exposed to a masking agent. A masking agent is not effective for removing odor: it merely covers it up with another, stronger odor. When the masking agent wears off, the malodors become noticeable again. Or, while removing odor, they may introduce hazardous compounds into the very areas they "clean."

Ecosorb is an odor neutralizer. It neutralizes malodors, performing complete odor removal from the air and making it unavailable for the olfactory senses to pick up. So what you smell is... nothing.

Broad-spectrum use eliminates the need for multiple odor control products

Ecosorb eliminates the need for multiple odor control products. It is effective against both organic and inorganic malodors. We have worked with facilities experiencing a wide variety of problems and have engineered an odor control system solution to their problems - often at less cost than noncompliance fines, add-on equipment such as scrubbers, and completely new systems like a wastewater treatment plant.

Furthermore time, complaints, and noncompliance with governmental regulations cost you money and community good will. During the odor removal process, Ecosorb is used anywhere from a straight solution to a 500:1 dilution depending on the application and strength of the malodors. This flexibility in dilution rates, combined with our extensive range of application equipment, enables us to provide you with the most cost-effective odor control system possible.


  • Saves Time:  Since Ecosorb works on all the odors associated with industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, no expensive and time-consuming air testing and modeling is required
  • Saves Money:  Ecosorb is safe so it can be applied at the odor site, covers and scrubbers are not needed and you maintain full access to your tanks. Systems cost thousands of dollars, not hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Stop Complaints: Demonstration and acceptance along with the design and installation of the system takes two to six weeks. Emergency systems are available sooner.


  • Ecosorb is effective against both organic and inorganic odors.
  • Ecosorb creates a neutral atmosphere where the malodor is removed, not masked. Therefore no replacement odor is created.
  • Ecosorb is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use in even the most confined areas.
  • Ecosorb only contains ingredients that comply with the Toxic Substances Control Act.
  • Ecosorb contains no VOCs [volatile organic compounds] as determined by the United States EPA Methods 624 and 8260.


Working with OMI Industries will save you time and money. Your OMI representative will perform a comprehensive site assessment and recommend equipment suitable for your particular needs. Our team will, when possible use existing odor control hardware, such as scrubbers, to apply Ecosorb products and where no odor control system is in place they will provide options. Ecosorb may be applied into the atmosphere using a variety of inexpensive and low maintenance systems.

Simplicity of Control

Once the Ecosorb system is set up, there is very little that needs to be done.  Most systems are operated on an "as needed" basis.  The systems are turned on when the odor reaches a certain perceived level or are started up when air currents cause the odor to travel toward neighbors.  The system can be adjusted based on the volume of air treated.


Ecosorb products are available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 275-gallon totes.  By arrangement, OMI can deliver Ecosorb products in various size tanker loads.


Pricing and conditions of sale may be obtained from your OMI representative based on the scope of your needs.

Ecosorb is nontoxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, and contains no harmful VOC's

Ecosorb is safe for both workers and the environment. It consists of natural organic compounds, food grade surfactants, and purified water.

We are so confident about the effectiveness of Ecosorb, we will be happy to schedule a demonstration in your plant. Contact us today to discuss your unique odor control problem.


Equipments & Systems


Adaptable to Most Any Situation and Installs Quickly at Practically Any Location

Whether getting Ecosorb to your location requires dripping, fogging, dosing, injecting, or scrubbing, easy to use application equipment is available and can be provided by your Ecosorb distributor.

An appropriate delivery system is chosen based on:

  • Type of odor to be controlled
  • Source of odor emission
  • Size of the area
  • Existing odor control hardware
  • Flexibility of engineering facilities

The types of delivery apparatus vary from a simple portable-fogging machine to complex metering, injection, and recovery systems found in multi-million dollar air scrubbing/filtration units.

Because of Ecosorb's infinite flexibility, existing odor control hardware can usually be adapted easily. This further reduces capital costs by keeping equipment from becoming redundant. Ecosorb can often replace air scrubbers and other elaborate odor control equipment used to deodorize stack emissions. Where scrubbers are installed, Ecosorb can be used as a safe, effective odor control substitute for potentially hazardous chemicals or as a secondary polishing agent. Little alteration to existing equipment is necessary to quickly install an Ecosorb system in almost any plant.

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ECOSORBis a broad-spectrum odor neutralizer. It controls the full spectrum of odors (eliminating the need for multiple odor control products), and breaks them down for complete odor removal, leaving no peripheral odors o

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