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OCV designs hydraulically-operated, diaphragm-actuated, automatic control valves that are known for exacting control and simple maintenance.



OCV control valves help improve the efficiency of both supply and distribution by controlling pressure, rate of flow and pump control.



OCV manufactures a variety of necessary valves including deluge valves, pressure control valves, relief valves, automatic level control valves and remote-control valves for the fire protection industry.



OCV Control Valves provides automatic control valves for both commercial and military aviation for a variety of applications like fuel control at separation units and storage tanks.



Aviation Brochure
A Wide Variety of Valves for the Aviation Fuel Industry


Fire Protection Brochure
A Wide Variety of Valves for the Fire Protection Industry


Waterworks Brochure
A Wide Variety of Valves for the Water Industry


OCV Back Pressure Valves
A case study on how OCV's back pressure valves solved pump problems.


Valves and Fire Protection
A presentation of the importance of control valves in the fire protection industry.


OCV 108 SERIES - Pressure Relief / Back Pressure Valves

In many liquid piping systems, it is vital that line pressure is maintained within relatively narrow limits. This is the function of the 108 Pressure Relief / Back Pressure Series of the OCV control valves. Installed in

OCV 115 SERIES - Solenoid Control Valves

The OCV Series 115 Solenoid Control Valve is designed to provide on/off or open/close control of fluids in response to an electrical signal. The valve consists of the basic OCV model 65 with solenoid-operated pilot. With

OCV 118 / 108SA SERIES - Surge Anticipation Valves

The OCV Series118/108SA surge anticipation valves are designed to be installed in a bypass line and provide protection against damaging surges that can occur in pumping systems when a pump is suddenly stopped. Unlike con

OCV 120 SERIES - Flow Control Valves

The OCV Series 120 Rate of Flow control valve is designed to control or limit flow to a predetermined rate, regardless of fluctuations in downstream or upstream pressure.

OCV 127 SERIES - Pressure Reducing Valves

The OCV Pressure-Reducing Valve is used in many applications worldwide. The primary function of the 127 series is to reduce a greater upstream pressure to a lesser, more manageable downstream pressure, operating without

OCV 22 / 88 SERIES - Digital Electronic Control Valves

With the development and proliferation of high level SCADA systems comes the need for automatic control valves to interface with such systems. The OCV Series 22 and 88 digital electronic control valves were specifically

OCV 3330 SERIES - Altitude Control Valves

The function of the OCV Series 3330 Altitude Control Valve is accurate, automatic level control, without the use of floats or sensors. Pilot controls for the series can accommodate storage facilities up to 230 feet high,

OCV 65 SERIES - Basic Control Valves

The OCV Basic Control Valve 65 Globe and 65 Angle is a full port engineered valve. When equipped with a variety of pilots and accessories the valve performs a wide range of automatic fluid control, making it a specified

OCV 66/66A SERIES - Basic Control Valves

The Basic Control Valve 66 Globe and 66 Angle is a full port engineered valve, equipped with two diaphragm chambers, sealed from each other by the diaphragm, and isolated from the valve`s main flow passage by an intermed

OCV 8000 SERIES - Float Control Valves

The OCV Series 8000 float control valves are designed to maintain a desired level in a tank or reservoir by opening for filling the tank when fluid is below the high level point and closing tightly when the desired level


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