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Water Analysis Equipment


LaMotte Co. has manufactured equipment for water analysis since 1919. We also provide soil analysis equipment.

Colorimetric Test Methods

There are several choices for colorimetric methods. All depend upon the reaction of one or more reagents with the analyte to form a color that is proportional to the concentration. For most manual tests, LaMotte offers color slides, charts, octet comparators or test strips. Electronic methods include single and multi-wave photometers and a spectrophotometer.

Other instruments are available for measurement of salinity, pH, TDS, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen.


The 1200 single test colorimeters are packaged with all reagents and accessories in a sturdy plastic case. Meter kits are available for ammonia, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nitrate, ozone, phosphate and sulfate.

The Smart 2 and COD Plus are multiwavelength colorimeters. The Smart 2 can perform 80 tests; the COD Plus can perform 29 tests. The meters utilize the easy menu driven system and each test features automatic wavelength selection. See http://www.lamotte.com/pages/wawa/smart2.html for additional information and a listing of the Smart 2 reagent systems. For more on COD testing and the COD Plus, please see http://www.lamotte.com/pages/wawa/list-cod.html.

The Smart Spectrophotometer also has automatic wavelength selection and can be used as a lab unit or as a portable analyzer. See http://www.lamotte.com/pages/wawa/spectro.html. for more information.


There are 2 new meters that analyze turbidity. Both feature a patent-pending sample chamber that allows very low to very high turbidity readings. The TC-3000 can also perform very low to very high chlorine readings and does APHA color.
Both the TC-3000 and the 2020 turbidity meter are available in EPA or ISO versions.

Tracer Series

The Tracer Series of meters is a high quality, economical way to perform many different tests. Pocket meter are available for Total Chlorine, pH, ORP, Salinity/TDS and Dissolved Oxygen. The Chlorine, pH and ORP versions feature interchangeable electrodes. Please see http://www.lamotte.com/pages/wawa/list-cod.html.

Test Strips

Test strips and papers provide a fast and easy way to check sanitizer concentration or water quality. They are particularly useful in the recreational water and food/beverage areas. Please see http://www.lamotte.com/pages/food/sanitize.html for test strips or http://www.lamotte.com/pages/food/papers.html for test papers. Recreational water strips may be found at http://www.lamotte.com/pages/pool/insta.html. There is also a test strip to measure arsenic concentrations from 4-200 ppb.

Titration Test Methods

After a sample is treated with an indicator and sometimes other reagents, a standard titrant is added until a color change indicates a completed reaction. There are 4 different types of delivery systems, allowing a choice of precision and convenience.

The Direct Reading Titrator, DRT, is a 1.0 mL microburet, calibrated to allow direct reading of the test result. Each titrator has a specific range, but may be refilled to test higher concentrations.

The automatic buret is self zeroing and calibrated from 0-10 mL in 0.1 mL increments. These are available in a squeeze-valve, glass stopcock or Teflon stopcock.

The drop count uses a special pipet to provide reliable measurements. The number of drops is multiplied by a given factor to determine concentration.

The dropper bottle uses tips which deliver a consistent drop size to add titrant to the sample. Many of these use different sample sizes for different equivalences.

Titrations are available for tests such as alkalinity, chlorine, chloride, detergents, hardness, peroxide, iodine, dissolved oxygen, peracetic acid, phosphonate, QAC, salinity, sodium nitrite, sulfide and sulfite. Please see http://www.lamotte.com/pages/wawa/list-cod.html for more information.

Custom Test Kits

If your needs go beyond our standard product line, then our Custom Test Kit Services Department can design a custom kit to meet your needs.

How the Custom Test Kit Service Works

  • Contact our Customer Service or International Sales departments by phone, fax, or email. Tell us how you plan to use the product, the level of accuracy and range you need, how many kits, and any limitations such as size, weight, cost, or skill level of the end user (i.e. student, consumer, and technician).
  • We will prepare a quote for you. Based on the information you provide, we will suggest one of our non-catalog test kits or develop a kit to suit your needs.
  • Once you order, we immediately begin the development process, subject to final approval before beginning production.

Test Method Development

LaMotte`s staff of specialists are highly skilled in the science of developing practical test methods. Many satisfied clients regularly depend on LaMotte as an integral part of their own research and production departments. While some projects might require original investigations, LaMotte often draws upon our broad experience in related test development for the answers to your special needs.

Test Kit Design & Packaging

From a mailable plastic pouch to a complete portable laboratory, LaMotte`s broad experience in packaging options means that we can meet your requirements precisely and economically. We select appropriate reagent containers and design an efficient kit layout. Our in-house design department adds that finishing touch to the total package with unique label graphics and instructions.

Production Facilities

LaMotte`s plant includes specialized apparatus for mixing and filling liquid reagents, blending and packaging powdered reagents, and tableted reagents. Specialty services also include private labeling, production of permanent color standards, custom bulk reagents, and specialized fabrication capabilities.

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1200 Series Colorimeters

LaMotte Company has introduced a series of single function, digital colorimeters. The meters contain a microprocessor which automatically zeros even turbid samples. The meters can be easily recalibrated to any standard i


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