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HLS ECOLO products are manufactured and marketed worldwide from our Head Office in Toronto, Canada. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive array of quality, result-oriented, odor-specific neutralizers and customized odor control systems, supplying distributors in over 50 countries around the world.  A world leader and number one brand in Odor Control systems for 30 years, HLS ECOLO has provided turnkey solutions to companies in virtually every industry.

The company is backed by an impressive scientific capability. Our in-house laboratory provides one of North America's most advanced odor analysis services - a capability that lets us accurately predict the odor control potential and dosing requirements of our products, using actual waste samples from customer sites.

All of our products enjoy full trademark protection and applicable CSA, UL and application-specific international product approvals. They also benefit from rigorous in-house and independent third-party efficacy testing. Quality Control is assured by our company's ISO 9001/ 2000 procedures, which provide stringent standards for product manufacturing, handling and documentation.

Our leadership team includes top industry professionals with proven capabilities in the Odor Control sector, as well as an accomplished Board of Directors experienced in the North America and world capital markets.

The HLS ECOLO staff has the qualifications, training and in-depth experience to handle the toughest environmental and industrial odor control problems. Our staff and distributors have extensive real world exposure to the special needs of site managers in every segment, providing realistic and objective evaluations of odor abatement requirements. Our Distributors don't think in terms of how many products they can sell, but, instead, about how many problems can be solved.

General Discussion of Odors
There are many factors involved in the study of odor.Many questions must be asked in order to ascertain the proper way to solve the odor problem.How bad are the odors?What kind of odors?What method is best used to treat odor?

An odor is the experience of perceiving smell through the stimulation of the olfactory organs.The chemical and the physical characteristics of the odorous molecules determine the extent of the "smell".

Odor is, needless to say, a very vague and nebulous topic to discuss and quantify.What is odorous to one person may be completely undetectable to another person.In most cases, there are no clear-cut regulations concerning the allowable amount of odors.Usually an odor source remains in compliance as long as it does not create a "public nuisance".If people are constantly complaining, sooner or later, the regulatory agencies are going to be forced to step in and enforce some sort of odor abatement program.

Although there are no universally accepted federal standards, and only a few state standards are used to establish compliance on something other than a nuisance criteria, there are four different properties, which determine the offensiveness of an odor.These properties are the detectability, intensity, hedonic tone, and character of the odor.

Odor Control
There are three basic approaches to controlling odors.

  • Elimination of the odor source
  • Elimination of the odor perception
  • Treatment of the source

Treatment of the source is the general approach used in industry and is the approach Ecolo recommends as a primary means of achieving odor abatement.

Odor Control Chemicals: Which Chemicals Should I Use?

When faced with an odor control problem, there are a variety of alternatives that must be considered in the search for the optimum solution.In most cases, chemicals are explored as a possible solution.Historically, there were only two types of chemicals that could be used to solve odor control problems: masking agents and oxidizing agents.In recent years, a number of different chemicals have been introduced which can be used to solve many of the common odor control problems.By looking at the methods of odor control by these chemicals and their advantages and disadvantages, one can determine which method is better suited for the particular problem at hand.
There are four common groups of chemicals that are currently being used to control airborne odors: masking agents, odor counteractants, odor reactants, and oxidizing agents.Each of these chemicals is either atomized or used in a wet scrubber to reduce the airborne odors.Each chemical works in a different way to reduce the severity of the odors.

Why Are HLS Ecolo Odor Solutions Better Than Any Competitor's?

Our product line can be divided into two main categories: The first is Formulations, while the second is Equipment. Our Chemical formulations can be put into one of five categories Reactants, Neutralizers (Counteractants), Scavengers, Precipitants and Biological Nutrient Formulations.These include our brand names Air Solution, NuTech and BioStreme.All products are all natural, non-toxic and designed around the science of Essential Oil technologies. With over 30 years of design and application experience, HLS Ecolo products are the best known and most well respected in the industry.
Under Equipment, clients will have access to Vapor systems, Atomizing systems, Spraying systems, Scrubbers and Dosing systems, to name a few.Each technology will be recommended to you through our engineering department based on site characteristics and the type of odor that needs to be treated. In total, we have over 60 different chemical formulations and 30 different types of application equipment, all designed for specific site and odor characteristics.This gives HLS Ecolo Distributors access to the largest supply of high tech and proven technologies to solve almost any odor problem in the world.


Odor Control Equipment


QCIDâ„¢ Ventilated Odor Control System

The QCIDâ„¢ system provides both ventilation and odor control for point source areas. QCIDâ„¢, which stands for `Quick-Contact-In-Duct` features a contact time of 0.3 seconds. The system has the smallest footprint of any comparably sized odor control system and is an excellent choice when space is limited. This system is designed to use NuTech`s Chi-X® or DeAmineâ„¢ Odor Eliminators. The targeted odors are oxidized organic odors for applications with fairly consistent odor loading.Seasonal variation in ventilation requirements is accommodated by the use of a two-speed or variable speed fan motor. Fabricated from stainless steel, the QCIDâ„¢ system can be supplied in sizes from 1,000 to 8,000 cfm for situations where the total static pressure requirement is 3.5` or less. Custom designed, the QCIDâ„¢ is built to handle any needed air inlet and outlet configuration. Systems are typically floor mounted, however; mounting options are available to fit the site. Installation costs average 10 to 20% of the capital costs.With a QCIDâ„¢, NuTech guarantees odor reduction at the discharge stack to 200 odor units or less (D/T), with Butanol intensity of 3 or less. Butanol intensities as low as 1 are possible. Effectiveness on hydrogen sulfide is limited to 1 ppm. If H2S levels exceed one ppm, companion treatment for H2S should be considered.

Mist Pro® Chemical Dilution & Feed System

The Mist Pro® is a versatile multi-point chemical feed system. It is compact in size with components fully integrated on a sturdy powder coated aluminum stand. An easily removable powder coated cover offers protection from wash down operations. The Mist Pro® has a distinct advantage with its automatic siphon induced chemical dilution achieved through a wide range of easy to install colorcoded metering tips. The volume of the seven gallon dilution tank is maintained by a mechanical liquid level control at the selected dilution ratio. No batch mixing of odor control chemical is required. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only a weekly check of the system and atomizing nozzles, and monthly cleaning. This system will support 1 to 90 nozzles. The nozzle mounting and positioning brackets are custom designed to suit the site requirements. Proper placement of the nozzles is important to ensure odor control. The brackets provide convenient access to nozzles for easy maintenance. Designed for NuTech`s Chi-X® Odor Eliminator and Phantom-4® Odor Counteractant, the Mist Pro® system adapts to a variety of odor control applications and site requirements.

ProBiltâ„¢ 2-Stage Scrubber

The ProBiltâ„¢ 2-Stage Scrubber safely and effectively eliminates H2S odors. This exclusive scrubber operates with Predatorâ„¢ H2S Eliminator to remove H2S and mercaptans. This combination treats high, low and spiking levels of H2S with an average H2S removal rate of 99%. This skid mounted system is designed for facilities with up to 1000 cfm of air handling requirements. The ProBilt installs quickly and easily and requires minimal maintenance. The Automatic Chemical Feed option adds Predator H2S Eliminater to the scrubber as required by the H2S loading conditions. Predatorâ„¢ H2S Eliminator is effective in the system at 0.05 to 0.08 gallons per ppm H2S per mil

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Biostreme 201

This concentrated micronutrient formulation manages the basic biological processes in these applications - supporting effective populations of naturally-occurring, facultative bacteria that aid in rapid decomposition of

Crossflow Wet Scrubbing System

The system operates at a velocity of 2300 fpm using a unique patented chevron type mist eliminator. This allows for a smaller system size per volume of air treated, resulting in a lower capital cost per cfm. With a press


All components are enclosed in two lockable 16 gauge steel cabinets enabling the control module to be located away from the treatment area. Each system incorporates a selector switch with continuous run, off or cycle tim


Mist Pro

ProBilt 2-Stage Scrubber

This exclusive scrubber operates with Predator H2S Eliminator to remove H2S and mercaptans. This combination treats high, low and spiking levels of H2S with an average H2S removal rate of 99%.This skid mounted system is


QCID, which stands for `Quick-Contact-In-Duct` features a contact time of 0.3 seconds. The system has the smallest footprint of any comparably sized odor control system and is an excellent choice when space is limited. T


Operation is quickly implemented by manually diluting NuTech`s Phantom-4 Odor Counteractant with water in an empty 5, 30 or 55 gallon drum, inserting the drum mount unit and plugging it in. The fogging output volume is a

VPS-005 Ventilated Odor Control System

The VPS-005 Ventilated Odor Control System provides ventilation and odor control of up to 500 cfm at a lower capital and operating cost. The system has a skid mounted, low profile design which contains the reaction chamb

VPS-015 Ventilated Odor Control System

The VPS-015 is specifically designed for cost effective collection, ventilation and treatment of organic odors from up to three air discharge sources. This system is ideal for situations requiring ducting of odorous air


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