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har GIS LLC delivers mobile solutions that dramatically improve field force productivity. By combining wireless communications, office systems connectivity, and location based services, the har GIS TruckMapâ„¢ product line gives mobile field crews and dispatchers the information and support that they need - when they need it.

Products developed as horizontal, re-usable, software components

Conceived and developed as horizontal, re-usable, software components, the TruckMapâ„¢ product line is ideal for all industries with mobile field crews: Gas and Electric Utilities, Telco and Wireless, Local Governments, Water, Wastewater, Road and Bridges - to name a few. The software is scalable, low cost and has multiple uses - allowing you to integrate multiple data and applications on to a single platform. Best of all, there is no programming, coding, or excessive time needed to deploy TruckMapâ„¢ to crews in the field. Just imagine - 30 days!

TruckMapâ„¢ - Mobile Field Information Systems

TruckMapâ„¢ breaks the price barrier to deploy mobile Field Information Systemsâ„¢; minimizing risk by re-using existing data and systems instead of redeveloping and replacing them. As vendor-independent technology, TruckMapâ„¢ affords easy access to all corporate data, including ESRI, AutoDesk, GE/Smallworld and Integraph GIS. You can relax knowing your field crew is automated using industry-standard GIS products.

You can receive a free demonstration of TruckMapâ„¢ by registering today. Click here for details. Additionally, we encourage you to examine the cost benefits of TruckMapâ„¢ Field Information Systemsâ„¢ for yourself, using our:

Support features

TruckMapâ„¢ comes complete and ready to use, with all the following FREE support features:

  • Easy software installation
  • Help files, user manual and system documentation
  • Ready to run test cases, including example databases, configuration, and symbology
  • Web-based training for demonstrations, users, and system managers

Partnership with a variety of industries to provide the best field automation solutions

harGIS realizes that partnerships are essential in order to provide mobile Field Information Systemsâ„¢.  That is why we have developed relationships with a variety of industry-leading partners, to extend our capabilities and to provide you with best-in-class field automation solutions.

Services-Our professional services team provides all levels of planning, implementation, development, systems integration, training, and project management. We feature a low-cost, quick-implementation benchmark service to provide a field trial system using your map data and forms. With our unique TruckMapâ„¢ Field Trial, you can try out TruckMapâ„¢ customized for your data, maps and communications, using our exclusive 30-day Field Trial Service.


TruckMapâ„¢ Field Information Systems


Uses of the TruckMapâ„¢ Field Information Systemâ„¢

  • Achieve Operating Excellence: simultaneously improve customer service and reduce costs of service.
  • Improve Field Productivity: reduce wasted time, eliminate paper in the truck, improve communications, and eliminate delay with wireless.
  • Deploy Workforce Management to the Field: make it easy to use, quickly accepted, collaborative, and secure. Supports multiple field platforms with Gloves Onâ„¢ No Typing for ease of use. Standardize the user interface for multiple field applications, including trouble call, field design, job reporting and estimating.
  • Provide Timely and Accurate Field Data: integrate field crews with enterprise data: trouble calls, network data, company applications, communications, current facility status, and large amounts of dynamic geographic data.
  • Use Location Based Services for Field Crew Optimization: automated vehicle locations, crew locations, scheduling, addressing, GPS, routing and location query.
  • Accelerate Payback: deploy projects quickly, leverage existing data, incremental implementation, reduce development risks, and standardize platforms for multiple field applications. www.har-gis.com/calculator.html


  • Out-of-the-Box Fleet Automation
  • Creates Maps Dynamically
  • Integrates Seamlessly to Existing Databases
  • Table Driven Application Development
  • GPS Enabled
  • Supports Wireless and Stand-Alone Environments

Field and Office Software

TruckMapâ„¢ Field Software and TruckMapâ„¢ Office Software comprise the TruckMapâ„¢ product line. It is multi-tier software that implements state of the art systems for mobile and dispatch applications using industry-standard, handheld computer platforms.  Together, the TruckMapâ„¢ Field and Office Software provide off-the-shelf, plug-in, pre-integrated software components for every aspect of field services computing.

The software is easy to use and configure using your own data, displays, and reports - without extensive programming. The software was designed for rapid implementation both as a stand-alone in the field or integrated with your existing applications. TruckMapâ„¢ provides ``drag and drop`` configuration, minimal organizational impact, and 30-60 day deployment.


Software Components


TruckMapâ„¢ Software Components for Field and Office Software

TruckMapâ„¢ Field CE provides all functions to the field crews using a variety of inexpensive Windows CE handheld computers and PDA`s. TruckMapâ„¢ Field PC provides information to field crews using powerful Windows mobile and tablet computers.

TruckMapâ„¢ Office integrates field crews and supervisors with database, communications and enterprise systems.

TruckMapâ„¢ Field Software Components

TruckMapâ„¢ Field describes the software available for both Windows PC and Windows CE platforms.

GeoIllustratorâ„¢ dynamically generates different facility network maps, records and drawings at a variety of scales from multiple GIS data sets.
GeoQueryâ„¢ provides real-time, two-way integration to relational databases with maps and provides field access to customer data. 

GeoNotesâ„¢ provides one-touch field notes, markups, map sketch, site photos and voice notes. Links to any Windows compatible application.
GeoRouterâ„¢ provides instant address location, shortest routes between multiple destinations, turn-by-turn driving directions, and thousands of landmarks to guide crews to unfamiliar locations.
GeoTrackerâ„¢ implements Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) to your map displays. Enables other TruckMapâ„¢ components to capture accurate locations, locate your equipment, and navigate to distant locations.
GeoFormsâ„¢ offers quick, accurate and efficient field data entry with user-definable forms. Rapidly implement field applications, such as equipment inspection and inventory, use existing maps and data, update and verify the information in the field, then load it into your database.
CAD Viewers and Editors view your existing AutoCADâ„¢ detail drawings by clicking on a point. CAD Editor provides your crew with 2D and 3D designs using familiar CAD tools.
GeoImagerâ„¢ rectifies and displays aerial photography, satellite photography, ortho-photographs and scanned maps as background images within GeoIllustratorâ„¢.
GeoTracerâ„¢ automatically traces your facility network to identify connected devices, circuits and customers. Quickly locates shutoff valves, protective devices, and connected services.

GeoFilterâ„¢ automatically customizes your display based on attributes, such as circuit, material, manufacturer, owner, pressure, etc.

TruckMapâ„¢ Office Software Components

GeoConfigureâ„¢ provides a suite of graphic tools to quickly create and customize your map displays, themes and data dictionary without programming.
GIS Interface loads spatial data from your Geographic Information Systems, including ESRI ArcGISâ„¢, AutoDeskâ„¢, Intergraphâ„¢, GE Network Solutions / Smallworldâ„¢, and Trimble Pathfinder Officeâ„¢.
GeoMessengerâ„¢ shares real-time status for jobs, crews, facilities, incidents, outages, dispatching, messaging, customer calls, job status, field notes, truck locations, crew assignments, and equipment status.
GeoUpdaterâ„¢ automatically synchronizes field data with your enterprise GIS databases. Overnig

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By combining wireless communication, office system connectivity and location-based services, TruckMap provides a system for multiple mobile and dispatching applications using low-cost, industry-standard handheld computer


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