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Photo Catalytic Oxidation


A company designed to provide the best available technology (B.A.T) known on the market today while also searching for new technologies that will do the job better. Environmental Compliance Equipment LLC is an authorized representative for RGF Environmental, CASTion Corporation, and many other water treatment companies. 

Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)

Photo catalytic Oxidation (PCO) occurs when humid air is exposed to specific photons of UV light. Oxidizers including hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals are produced. This oxidizing air, when introduced into wastewater, oxidizes the organic matter, dramatically reducing BOD and destroying microbiological organisms. This photonic reaction has been perfected by Environmental Compliance Equipment. After oxidation, the water must be filtered to remove suspended solids.  Through the filtration process, the incoming water flows downward through the filter beds and encounters layers of filtration media with decreasing porosity.  Successively smaller particles are trapped in each layer, thus providing true depth filtration. By using photo catalytic oxidation technology coupled with multimedia filtration, large reductions in BOD, COD, Chemicals and TSS are achieved, enabling POU (Point Of Use) water is clean and clear.  Drinking water is a right for all people.

Drinking Water Systems

ECE provides drinking water systems through the introduction of activated oxygen into air or water. This has been used successfully in a wide variety of abatement applications from preventing algae growth in aquariums to drinking water to destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaust air in the aerospace industry.  Currently PCO technology system for potable water is being applied in various industries. Click here for more information. 

Environmental Compliance maintains a state-of-the-art analytical lab, which will provide free water testing for as long as you own your Environmental Compliance system to assure continued performance. This assures our customers that, should your waste stream change, you will be able to make the appropriate modifications to meet your needs.

Environmental Compliance has been a leader in patented environmental technology.


Thermo Oxidizer Evaporator


Environmental Compliance provides the thermo oxidizer evaporator. The thermo oxidizer evaporator is designed to completely evaporate liquid waste, leaving only a dry ash residue.  The evaporator Atomizes the liquid waste stream into a fine mist (click here to see video) injected into a heated dry chamber to flash evaporate the entire liquid portion of the stream.  By automatically controlling the combustion temperature, maximum efficiency is achieved. This results in fuel costs as low as $0.03 per gallon.

See how the Thermo Oxidizer Evaporator works.

Thermo Oxidizer Evaporator for Industrial Waste Water Disposal

Environmental Compliance utilizes a cast ceramic refractory for all combustion chamber surfaces to eliminate corrosion and metal failure. By utilizing the optional waste oil burner, the system can eliminate both waste oil and wastewater. Flash evaporation reduces the entire water and organic volume in a waste stream leaving only a dry residue to be removed.  No other evaporator can process industrial waste water more efficiently.  Get the best evaporator on the market right here from us. The thermo oxidizer evaporator is of various types, including:

  • 30 GPH
  • 60 GPH
  • 150 GPH

Each thermo oxidizer evaporator can be fitted with an additional waste oil burner that utilizes waste oil as fuel which will add up to 500,000 btu/hr of heat into the evaporator. 

The Environmental Compliance thermo oxidizer evaporator is controlled by a combination PLC and UL approved microprocessor based flame safeguard controller. Visual confirmation of the thermo oxidizer evaporator status is provided by LCD displays, indicator lights, and digital temperature displays. The stainless steel burner nozzle provides the energy necessary for the wastewater evaporation. A pump pressurizes the wastewater for injection into the air atomization nozzles. Environmental compliance`s advanced system for dry chamber flash evaporation by thermo-oxidation for complete (100%) elimination of wastewater and waste oil. Its advantages include:

  • less than 1 year return on investment.
  • wetted surfaces are non-ferrous - eliminating rust and corrosion problems
  • pre-wired, fully automatic, versatile, and easy to use
  • meets national electric code for indoor maintenance facilities
  • operates on natural gas and liquid propane gas. The system can be configured to use no. 2 fuel oil or waste oil with optional waste oil burner
  • easiest system on the market to clean, waste is dry ash
  • environmental compliance`s system integrators will provide application engineering and regulatory expertise
  • meets stringent NFPA86 fire safety code requirements
  • no sewer connection required. No NPDES permits needed
  • evaporation rate is not dependent on air humidity or temperature of liquid
  • written cost per gallon guarantee
  • multiple safety system controls
  • will reduce water based contaminant`s by 100%
  • cost as low as $0.03 per gallon for fuel (can actually save money when waste oil is used)
  • will eliminate disposal cost and/or sewer discharge
  • handles a wide range of waste
  • total waste stream analysis performed during evaluation
  • Environmental Compliance is a total service company from planning to operation.
  • environmental systems are our only business

Thermo Oxidizer Evaporator for Waste Disposal Applications

The Environmental Compliance environmental systems thermo oxidizer is designed for waste disposal applications including:

  • petroleum hydrocarbon waste
  • die casting
  • alkaline cleaners
  • machinery coolants
  • compressor wastes
  • ink and paint waste
  • RO, NF, UF concentrators
  • tumbling solutions
  • waste haulers
  • process wastewater
  • printed circuit board waste
  • tanker cleaning
  • snow plow salt waste
  • floor scrubber water
  • plating solutions
  • textiles
  • heavy equipment
  • food processing
  • manufacturing processes

Key features of the thermo-oxidizer include:

  • clean out dry residue
  • dry chamber flash evaporation
  • no more hauling fluids
  • modulating temperature control

Possibly the best way to reduce a waste stream is evaporation.  This is a simple process of heating the water to 212 degrees F and changing the physical state of the water portion of the waste stream, allowing the water to be removed.  There are many types of evaporators on the market today and all of them have one common issue, they all leave concentrated slurry to be hauled away.  Our flash evaporation process leaves only a dry residue.  This is accomplished by atomizing the waste stream into a fine mist in the presence of a natural gas or propane flame removing all of the liquid content of the waste stream. 

Our flash evaporation process is very efficient through several process technologies.  Our systems use a PID loop to measure operating temperature and automatically increase or decrease fuel input to maintain operating temp.  Our systems capture the convected heat from the system and recycle it back into the process.   

Waste streams are thoroughly tested to ensure application integrity.  We test for all RCRA metals plus nickel, some 33 VOC constituents, total organic compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, pH, TSS and TDS.  All in the effort to reduce the potential of sending HAP`s into the atmosphere.  If these components are found in the stream we will apply our vast technology offerings to reduce the component as a pretreatment.  This ensures the system will operate to its peak performance.


Vacuum Evaporation


Environmental Compliance is also a provider of vacuum evaporation services and solutions. The controlled atmospheric separation technology (CAST) unit separates solid constituents from water in a flash distillation process generating potentially a re-useable product and distilled water.  Re-use the product and the distilled water back in the process and be 100% closed loop.

Vacuum Evaporation Water and Waste Treatment

The CASTion system is a vacuum assisted, binary flash distillation device designed to treat water and wastes of almost any volume and any chemical makeup. The CAST system processes the influent (contaminated water) and generates an effluent (clean water, and a concentrate) which may be recovered for wat

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Evaporator For Waste Water

Thermo Oxidizer Flash Evaporator can completely eliminate the liquid portion of a waste stream.  Using natural gas or propane and with the addition of a waste oil burner the system can potentially reduce all liquid in

Twistatic Mixer

The design of this mixer allows for complete air/fluid or fluid/fluid mixing packaged in a variety of materials from mild steel to stainless steel in sizes ranging from ¾`` to 3`` in diameter and up to 96``

Vacuum Evaporation System

Environmental Compliance is also a provider of vacuum evaporation services and solutions.  The controlled atmospheric separation technology (CAST) unit is a vacuum assisted, binary flash distillation device.  CAST

Wash Water Recycling Systems

Environmental Compliance has over 14 years experience in designing, implementing and supporting all facets of wash water recycling applications.  From initial design considerations ECE will supply properly designed wa


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