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Duraflow Corporation in partnership with our distributors is in the business of meeting the total need of customers in wastewater discharge compliance, process materials recovery, and water recycling.

We provide:

  • Crossflow microfiltration modules
  • Chemicals that optimize crossflow and conventional wastewater systems
  • Training to help customers specify, design, build, and operate these systems efficiently

With Duraflow products, manufacturers find it easier to stay within regulatory compliance as well as to filter water upstream from an RO filter. They experience fewer and shorter shutdowns to maintain or repair wastewater systems. And they spend less money to operate those systems.

Only a Duraflow distributor can give customers total performance - including modules and service - to assure environmental compliance and efficient water recycle.

Duraflow Advantages

The Duraflow crossflow microfiltration module is the only crossflow microfiltration offering industrial users all these advantages versus competitive designs:

  • The filter does not pass solids (for better compliance and better RO recycling)
  • Much longer operational lifetime (by several factors)
  • Surface rejecting membrane operates far longer between cleanings
  • Operational costs of the systems that use it are far lower
  • Systems have far less frequent maintenance shutdowns and much shorter shutdowns

Total Performance

Duraflow is the only company that offers the compliance and water recycle customer total performance from one source: the Duraflow distributor.

Total performance is:

  • Is everything the customer needs for wastewater discharge compliance, process materials recovery and water recycle
  • Means high throughput at low operational costs for assured compliance with environmental regulations

Wastewater treatment requires complex systems that are finely tuned and tightly integrated with the customer`s manufacturing process. Setting them up and keeping them running smoothly calls for a unique mix of wastewater system skills and components.

Duraflow qualifies, trains, and equips distributors so that customers receive the membranes, chemistries, and service expertise required from a single source. The result: a robust system with simplified operation and lower maintenance costs.


Duraflow distributors are fully trained to provide the best service available. Our distributors are required to provide local response to service requirements such as trouble-shooting or making adjustments for new contaminants that may be introduced from time to time. Expertly trained operators mean less downtime and lower costs.

Assured compliance is what a customer wants when he purchases wastewater treatment products and services. Assured compliance is performance. Fast experienced and reliable service is performance.


Duraflow Microfiltration Membranes can filter a 2% wastewater slurry without fouling to produce filtrate that is excellent feed for a Reverse Osmosis Water Recycle Unit.


  • Membrane life: 3-10 years
  • Can be cleaned with acid, bleach, and peroxide
  • Better compliance
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Longest runs between cleanings

Microfiltration Modules

Crossflow microfiltration systems maintain very high flow rates with minimal downtime for maintenance. They are also very easy to operate versus alternative technologies. As a result, crossflow systems have become the option of choice for end-of-pipe water recycle and for high-capacity wastewater treatment in manufacturing.

Because Duraflow crossflow microfiltration membranes do not pass solids, they are the gold standard. Compliance is far easier to assure with Duraflow modules, at far less cost, and with far fewer interruptions of the manufacturing process.

Duraflow membranes are made on the strongest tubes available, do not burst even at 100 PSI and do not pass solids ever. Duraflow membranes have produced consistently higher flows than any other microfilter modules on the market today.

Choose from four Duraflow microfiltration modules, depending on your requirements. They are:

  • DF-413
  • DF-415
  • DF-415L
  • DF-404

Larger diameter modules hold more tubes and contain more membrane surface area for higher flow rates. Each module is 72 inches long and is made from the highest strength materials available. Each membrane tube is individually tested for strength, integrity, and flux before assembly into the modules. All membranes are true "surface rejecting" membranes, which mean they allow no solids to pass and require less frequent cleaning. Duraflow microfiltration modules will retrofit most microfiltration systems, including: US Filter Memtek, Ionics, KB Technologies, and WPS.

Click here to view the Duraflow process.


Duraflow offers a complete line of performance chemistries for the precipitation of contaminants and for conditioning the wastewater for maintaining the highest possible flow rates and best possible compliance. Better compliance and extended runs between cleanings means lower operating costs and longer membrane life.

Duraflow distributors offer end-user customers the three essential elements of a comprehensive one-stop solution for wastewater compliance and water recycle: microfiltration modules, service, and chemistries.

Chemistries fulfill three key roles:

  • Plant operators are assured of the quality and effectiveness of the chemistries they buy - whether for microfiltration or conventional settling/clarifier processes
  • Chemistries create a funding stream for quality service - operators don`t need to fill out a special purchase order to get service
  • Everything is guaranteed to work with everything else - if there is ever an issue, there is just one contact to call

Click here to view the complete Duraflow Chemistries product line.

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Microfiltration Module DF-404

Crossflow microfiltration system DF-404 maintains very high flow rates with minimal downtime for maintenance. They are also very easy to operate versus alternative technologies.- Size: 4-inch diameter, 72 inches long- Nu

Microfiltration Module DF-413

Crossflow microfiltration system DF-413 maintains very high flow rates with minimal downtime for maintenance. They are also very easy to operate versus alternative technologies.

Microfiltration Module DF-415

Crossflow microfiltration system DF-415 maintains very high flow rates with minimal downtime for maintenance. They are also very easy to operate versus alternative technologies.- Size: 6-inch diameter, 72 inches long- Nu


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