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Wireless Data Communications


Wireless Data Communications are an integral part of operation in today's IT systems, helping to improve efficiency and profitability for companies and government organizations alike.

For critical infrastructure systems, however, the need for wireless data extends beyond opportunities for improving efficiency or profitability. Continuity of operations is at stake, and in the public safety environment, the safety of officers and citizens can hinge on the reliability of vital wireless data.

Since its founding in 1981, Dataradio has become the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless data products and systems for mission-critical applications. From OEM and telemetry devices, to analog radios, radio modems, and mobile data systems, Dataradio products are found at the heart of mobile data, as well as automation and control networks around the world.

Public safety organizations, utilities, local government, water management, and other critical infrastructure operations depend on Dataradio to ensure that vital wireless data reaches the people who need it, when they need it most.

A Track Record of Success

Some of Dataradio's landmark achievements include the first large-scale laptop-based law enforcement mobile data system in 1987, the first 1000+ unit mobile data system designed for a utility company, and the mobile data communications platform for NASA's 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission. Dataradio has built enduring relationships with major participants in the wireless data industry. Strategic partnerships have been formed with key software providers, system integrators, complimentary hardware manufacturers, and OEMs.

From public safety license checks to public transit telematics, utility department work orders, and fire dispatching; different departments have different needs. Dataradio understands the diversity of these needs and delivers solutions to meet them.

Mobile Data

Access to critical information and reliable field communications are significant factors in the safety and effectiveness of field workers. As the amount of information increases, so does the need for an efficient way to handle this information in a mobile environment.

Complex messages, congested voice communication, and limited human resources are some of the issues that can be addressed by taking advantage of new information technologies. Dataradio private wireless mobile data networks provide an effective way to address these issues and prepare for the future.

With a Dataradio mobile data network, you receive state-of-the-art technology combined with multiple compatible products and applications. Our networks serve as a robust foundation for growth and expansion by providing a platform that supports technological change.

Click here to view more info on our Mobile Data solutions.

SCADA & Telemetry

Our products for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint data communications are found at the heart of communication systems worldwide. Products available in UHF, VHF, 900 MAS, and 900 MHz Spread Spectrum are ideal for remote monitoring and wireless data transfer. With FCC, IC, CE, and ETSI approvals, you can count on receiving the information that is vital to your operation. We also offer a full line of infrastructure and accessory items to make purchasing your wireless data network as easy as possible.

Trusted Wireless Data Solutions Deliver Control, Reliability, and Cost Savings

Information flow and operation control are essential to every successful business. Monitoring and controlling multiple and often remote locations is not always possible or feasible using wire.

Dataradio frees you from the constraints of traditional communications by eliminating the re-occurring costs of dedicated phone lines and the expense of repairing cut cables. We provide the flexibility to expand and move data collection points even under harsh conditions.

Our products for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint data communications have proven ideal for remote monitoring and wireless data transfer. With Dataradio, you can count on receiving the information that is vital to your operation.

Click here to view more info on SCADA & Telemetry.

RF Modules for OEM`s

Dataradio gives OEMs the technology foundation they need to build reliable wireless data communication functionality into their products, with the support and flexibility to meet pressing business and market demands. Dataradio provides the technical support to ensure a smooth integration of Trusted Wireless Data components into today`s OEM products. The result is a smooth production environment that minimizes development issues and accelerates time-to-market.

To be effective in a complex marketplace, wireless data Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must create products that work effectively in the traditional world of Radio Frequency and in today`s environment of IT communications. They must design communications products to meet the unique needs of today`s customer, all while racing the clock to achieve a competitive time-to-market.

Click here to view more info on RF Modules for OEM`s

Converged RF Network Solutions

The convergence of fixed and mobile wireless data systems opens new opportunities for streamlining infrastructure, controlling costs, and improving responsiveness for critical operations. But, while the promise of converged fixed/mobile data systems is not new, only Trusted Wireless Data Solutions deliver the performance needed to bring the promise of fixed/mobile convergence to life.

With multiple functions operating through a single wireless data network, the need for reliability and performance is crucial. Private network solutions from Dataradio deliver the mission-critical level of service needed to ensure the success of your converged fixed/mobile solution.

Dataradio's converged fixed/mobile wireless data technologies address communications infrastructure needs through innovative solutions that deliver cost-effective improvements in performance and functionality. As a result, the same data system that optimizes mobile field-force operations during the workday can also accommodate data from fixed units on a 24 hour a day/7 day a week basis.

Click here to view more info on Converged RF Network Solutions.

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GeminiG3: UHF, 700 MHz And 800 MHz Mobile Radio Modems

This native IP mobile operates at up to 128 Kbps in 50 kHz channels at 700 MHz or 64 kbps in 25 kHz channels at 800 MHz, UHF or NPSTC channels - all with exceptional adjacent channel protection. The GeminiG3 automaticall

Paragon3: UHF, 700 MHz Or 800 MHz Base Station Controller

The Paragon 3 Base Station gets the most from your network in terms of both speed and coverage delivering 128 kbps in a 50 kHz wideband channel for 700 MHz, 64 kbps for 800 MHz and 64 kbps over UHF frequencies in 25 kHz

TSLM: Wireless RF Modem UHF, VHF

The TSLM integrated wireless radio modem provides a fast, reliable data communications platform for your RS-232-based network. The TSLM modem`s small, versatile packaging means it`s easily integrated into your remote com


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