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1062 Singing Hills Rd Parker CO
United States - 80138
Phone: 800.524.8672/303.841.2022

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   Colorado Lining International, Inc. (CLI) is a full service Geosynthetics Contractor offering factory geomembrane fabrication and installation under one roof. W e offer our customers a true turn key product. Colorado Lining is more than just pond liner. The geomembrane, coatings and specialty containment products that we offer in combination with our skilled staff, give us the ability to line projects that range from residential pond lining to larger industrial geomembrane lining applications that require impermeable membranes. Applications include: Secondary Containment, Landfills, Floating Covers for Algae and Methane Collection, Oil & Gas production Pits, Tank Liners, Evaporation Ponds, Waste Lagoons, Water Storage Reservoirs, and many others.... We offer assistance in flexible membrane liner selection, coating material selection, fabrication techniques and design / build installation. We work with engineers, regulators and contractors to help them choose the right product for their project. By taking a site specific approach to geomembrane and liner selection you can rest assured the material will fit the application and will be fabricated and installed by trained and certified crews. All we ask is a chance to earn your business. We believe once you have worked with CLI you will understand the difference our experience, core values and quality make.

Geomembrane Linings Founded in 1978, Colorado Lining International is a fabricator and certified installer of quality geomembranes. We work with a wide variety of geomembrane materials, serving the containment needs of our customers with quality and service. CLI has become highly specialized in our field, with a sound understanding of the geomembrane industry, providing our clients with a consistent and credible knowledge base, expert technical support and design information to ensure an economical quality solution to the challenges you face. Services Offered: Colorado Lining International offers complete solutions for selecting, designing, and installing your complete geosynthetic project. -Design -Consulting -Fabrication -Installation Products We fabricate, distribute and install the most reliable and widely used high-performance lining systems in the world. We back every product with QC assurance that it meets the most stringent criteria in the industry. What are geosynthetics? Geosynthetics is a general classification representing all man-made materials used in geotechnical engineering applications. Geomembrane Lining Systems: Once known as "flexible membrane liners", geomembranes encompass a broad group of products with distinctive properties and advantages in use as liners for ponds, tanks, leach pads, reservoirs, lagoons, barriers, caps, secondary containment — application use is bounded only by the imagination. GEOMEMBRANES: PVC Geomembranes Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is the most commonly specified lining material in the industry. Manufactured by the calendaring or extrusion process, it is a highly flexible, non-reinforced, cost-effective, waterproofing geomembrane liner with many uses and advantages for the user. RPP Geomembranes - (Reinforced Polypropylene) An extremely durable product, RPP is designed to be left exposed and is reinforced with nylon scrim to provide excellent dimensional stability and superior toughness. RPP is used widely in exposed Wastewater Treatment ponds, as landfill cover lining, in floating covers and baffle curtains, in lagoon lining, and as a liner for ponds, lakes and water features. EPDM Rubber Liners EPDM is a durable geomembrane with a 20-year proven performance history in exposed applications, such as ponds and lakes, canals, fish stock ponds. It can be self-installed in residential water features. HDPE - (High Density Polyethylene) HDPE is the most widely used geomembrane in the world and is used more commonly internationally due to its availablility and relatively inexpensive material cost. HDPE is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installations. Specialty Products Clay Liners Clay Liners are reinforced composites which combine two durable geotextile outer layers with a uniform core of natural sodium bentonite clay to form a very thin, tight hydraulic layer. In covered environmental applications, this material is utilized as an efficient and cost effective replacement for conventional compacted clay with long term performance in harsh environmental conditions. Concrete Protective Liners Concrete Protective Liners, used in acid protection engineering, protect against corrosion of concrete structures. The concrete pipes and polyethylene make these liners cost-effective because they have a high resistance to chemicals, permeation and abrasion. Erosion Mats Degradable Erosion Mats are very flexible erosion control blankets used to keep soil and seeds stable. The woven fibers break down by photodegradation until they become part of the soil. These products absorb water easily to withstand heavy rain and stressful conditions. Geocells The Presto Geoweb® cellular confinement system is an expandable three-dimensional polyethylene, honeycomb-like structure that provides cost-effective solutions to slope and channel protection, load support and earth retention applications. It is used in landfill cover applications, detention pond protection, dam face protection and channel lining systems. Geogrids Geogrids are high-performance, extruded polymeric products used in soil reinforcement and stabilization, often in tandem with geosynthetics. Geogrids enhance project performance, both in cost savings and long term performance. Geonets Geonets (Geogrids or Geocomposites) are cost-effective drainage systems with excellent hydraulic properties. These products, functioning very well on steep slopes, are less expensive and more durable than the common sand and gravel systems. Geotex Tube Geotex Tubes are primarily used to dewater sludge and biological waste. These tubes are manufactured in 3 types: -High Strength Polyester Tubes -High Strength Polypropylene Tubes -Open Weave Polypropylene Tubes Non-Woven Geotextiles Non-woven Geotextiles provide excellent stability in civil engineering applications. These products form protective barriers and support underneath and can vent built-up liquids and gases beneath the surface. Non-woven geotextiles are used as a cushion for a geomembrane liner or for subsurface drainage, roadway separation, railroad stabilization, hard armor underlayment, and in gas venting and drainage systems. Thin Mils Thin Mils are highly effective products with many attributes. The impermeable Polyethylene membrane is constructed of seamed panels and is widely used in athletic field covers, daily and intermediate landfill covers and stock pile liners and covers. Coolguard™ Urethanes Coolguard™ Urethane is a primary and secondary containment geomembrane that is a scrim reinforced tripolymer alloy formulated with Dupont Elvaloy® KEE. It is used in the containment of liquids, sludges and certain chemically aggressive gases. Woven Coated Polyethylene CLI now fabricates 12 mil woven coated polyethylene. This versatile product is used in many cover applications.


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