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Chem-Aqua is a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and stability. We specialize in providing custom designed water treatment programs for boiler, cooling, and process water systems. We help our customers minimize their energy, water, and maintenance costs while ensuring safe and reliable operation of these critical systems.

Chem-Aqua has the expertise and commitment to help solve virtually any water related problem. We maintain modern, well-equipped analytical laboratories and cutting edge research facilities. Our state-of-the-art products are manufactured to rigorous ISO 9001 specifications. Our field representatives are well-trained and backed by a group of experienced water treatment specialists.

Chem-Aqua is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCH Corporation, a world-renowned US company that has been an established presence in the marketplace since 1919. With more than 25 manufacturing plants and distribution centers in over 50 countries, Chem-Aqua is present in five continents.

Our mission is to provide excellent results and low costs leading to savings:

  • We deliver environmentally responsible and cost-effective water treatment solutions
  • We improve customer efficiency by conserving energy and water
  • We make sure the use and application of our products is done correctly
  • We build long-lasting relationships with our customers


Water Treatment Solutions


We treat systems in every major industry. This experience gives us the expertise to precisely design a program that meets your needs based on an in-depth survey of your facility.

Our water treatment solutions include:

  • Cooling Treatment
  • Boiler Treatment
  • Pretreatment Equipment
  • Application Equipment
  • Process Treatment
  • Biological Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Potable Treatment
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Resourcefully Green®
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Minimization

The services available under our water treatment programs include:

  • Regular site service visits with field tests and reports
  • Immediate and correct interpretation of the test results and field recommendations
  • Routine monitoring of pretreatment and application equipment
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment inspections
  • Management meetings to communicate program results
  • Experienced technical support
  • Effective training programs
  • SMARTâ„¢ software to help monitor and control your custom-designed water treatment program
  • Modern, well-equipped analytical laboratories
  • Cutting edge research and technology
  • Full range of advanced water treatment equipment
  • Energy and water management
  • Specialized mechanical services


Equipment Solutions


Using the right pretreatment and application equipment is as important as using the right treatment chemicals. A major cause of water treatment program failure is using incorrect or improperly operating equipment.

We view equipment as a key component of the Chem-Aqua Total System Approach. We maintain a well-staffed equipment division with the product line, expertise, and commitment necessary to provide an extensive range of cost-effective equipment solutions.

Pretreatment Equipment: Chem-Aqua Engineered Pretreatment Equipment systems help ensure top performance from water treatment and production processes by removing problem-causing impurities from water before it enters a system. As part of an integrated water treatment program, Chem-Aqua has an extensive line of ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and filtration equipment.

Chem-Aqua's Pretreatment Equipment advantages include:

  • Reliability and cost effectiveness 
  • Systems that operate at maximum efficiency
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Conservation of resources
  • Helping to protect the environment

Chem-Aqua`s Engineered Pretreatment Systems are another way Chem-Aqua adds value to our customers' operations and provides long-term competitive advantages.

Ion Exchange: Chem-Aqua water softeners remove the hardness ions that form scale in pipes and heat exchange equipment, and interfere with critical cleaning and production processes. We manufacture a full range of high-performance water softeners for commercial, light, and heavy industrial applications. Design features such as standard pressure gauges and sample cocks, demand flow regeneration, and pre-assembled piping manifolds enhance operational efficiency and make installation easier.

Chem-Aqua water softeners are available in a range of configurations including:
- Single, Dual, and Multiple Tank Configurations
- Rugged Polyglass or Steel Tanks
- Complete Control Valve and Regeneration Options

Along with softeners, Chem-Aqua offers a variety of other methods that can be used to effectively remove alkalinity, iron, and other dissolved solids from water.

Chem-Aqua manufactures and supports a full range of specialty ion exchange equipment including:
- Dealkalizers
- Demineralizers
- Condensate Polishers
- Oxidative Iron/Manganese Filters

Reverse Osmosis: Chem-Aqua Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems economically produce high purity water that benefits a wide range of industries and applications. We provide a full range of RO systems from small pre-engineered skid mounted designs to large flow custom systems. Our expertise and full range of auxiliary equipment enable us to provide ready-to-use RO systems tailored for specific applications.

Chem-Aqua RO Systems feature:

  • High-Performance Thin Film Composite (TFC) Membranes in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Pressure Vessels
  • Panel Mounted Instrumentation, including Alarms, Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, and Conductivity Meters
  • Variable Concentrate and Recycle Flow Control Valves to Provide Performance Flexibility and Water Savings
  • Compact, Epoxy Coated, Carbon Steel Skid and Frame (Stainless Steel Optional)

Filter Systems: Filtration is an important component of many water treatment processes, including pretreatment for reverse osmosis and ion exchange equipment. Filtration is also used to enhance the performance of cooling tower and closed system treatment programs.

Chem-Aqua manufactures and supports a wide range of high-performance filtration equipment including:
- Pressurized Media Filters
- Activated Carbon Filters
- Cartridge Filters
- Bag Filters

Feed and Control Systems: Chem-Aqua offers feed and control systems tailored to meet specific customer requests and system demands. Our equipment group designs feed and control systems to meet virtually every need, no matter how large or small. The right equipment is just as important as the right chemicals. Chem-Aqua SMARTFeedâ„¢ Systems are engineered to provide superior results and low operating costs. Pre-assembled SMARTFeed Systems save our customers money by making installation faster, easier, and more reliable.

Chem-Aqua's Feed and Control System advantages include:
- Dedicated support staff
- Priority equipment troubleshooting and repair services
- Most parts can be shipped same day
- Support specialists are available for site visits


Resourcefully Green® Solutions


Resourcefully Green is Chem-Aqua's sustainability initiative and outlines our commitment to provide environmentally responsible and economically profitable water treatment solutions. We are committed to wise resource management and helping our customers maintain a healthy, sustainable, and productive environment. Through Resourcefully Green we provide customized programs designed to meet customers' sustainability goals and objectives.

Areas Resourcefully Green programs target include:

  • Energy and water savings
  • Reliable operation
  • Protection of equipme

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Blowdown Flow Assembly

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