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CPA Reverse Osmosis Membranes

 When high performance counts, CPA membranes from Hydranautics set the standard for RO membrane elements. Over a half-billion gallons per day of pure water are produced by CPA2 for the world`s industries, and for municipal supplies around the globe.CPA3 and CPA4 offer even higher salt rejection rates. Semiconductor manufacturers rely on Hydranautics to provide the ultra pure water needed for the production of sensitive semiconductor chips. And because of their high TOC, silica and hardness rejection, CPA3 and CPA4 are ideal for producing low-scaling boiler make-up water for power generation applications. CPA membranes ensure reduced maintenance and more efficient power plant operation, while significantly reducing downstream ion exchange costs.CPA membranes provide the highest salt rejection rates available - every element on every order for every customer.


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