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Blotting Paper


 Ahlstrom manufactures a complete line of high purity, 100% cotton fiber papers for use in chromatography, electrophoresis and blotting applications.Our Chromatography and Blotting papers are extensively used in separation science. Paper chromatography is an economical and efficient method of separating individual components from a soluble sample. Our uniform blotting and electrophoresis grades ensure performance reproducibility in nucleic acid research.Ahlstrom grades are produced using ultra pure water and contain no additives that could cause increased backgrounds or other interference in detection systems. These uniform, smooth, white sheets are suitable for use in paper chromatography with alcohol or other organic solvents and in protein and nucleic acid separation and blotting. Other applications include capillary blotting, gel wicking, spacing in electro blotting and gel drying.


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