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Aerzen Screw Compressor


 The conveying chamber is completely dry. Clearances between rotors are maintained by the timing gears.With the Delta Screw Compressor series, Aerzen can tailor rotor profile, operating speed, internal compression ratio, and a choice of accessories to individual requirements.With the use of a frequency inverter drive, Aerzen can regulate the volume of the VM and VML series efficiently over a wide range, up to a 4:1 turndown ratio, with corresponding power savings.The only routine maintenance required consists of inlet air filter, oil, and oil filter changes, as well as safety component checks.Aerzen packages are used for reliable compression of clean air or neutral gases for many diverse requirements, including: water treatment; pneumatic conveying; glass production; air separation; ozone generation; groundwater remediation; cement barge unloading; raw meal blending; harbor oil booms; deep water aeration; jet engine starters; and gas-air mixing.


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